Faithful unto Death

Christ warned his disciples that they could expect to be “hated by all nations”(Matt 24:9), but that they must “take up their cross”(Matt 16:14), for those who are persecuted for righteousness sake will enjoy the kingdom of heaven (Matt5:10). He further explained that “greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for his friends”(John 15:13).

Over the last 2000 years many thousands of people have witnessed to Christ and his holy Church by laying down their lives, rather than denying their faith and belief. This collection of names of those who were Faithful Unto Death, has been put together to highlight the price that has been paid by our forefathers to maintain the faith in our world.

This list does not contain all those who died in witness to Christ and His church, but is a sample of some 1500 names spanning the centuries and countries of the world.

Many people continue to be persecuted and killed for their faith in parts of the world where freedom of religion does not exist.

We hope that this list of men and woman will be an inspiration to practice and remain loyal to one’s faith.