The Historic Libraries at Stonyhurst College are made up of the Bay Library, the Square Library, and the Arundel Library.  These libraries include artefacts from the Society of Jesus and English Catholicism. The Arundell Library, presented in 1837 by Everard, 11th Baron Arundell of Wardour, is the most significant. It is not only a country-house library from Wardour Castle but also has a notable collection of incunabula, medieval manuscripts, and volumes of Jacobite interest.

Signal among its books associated with historical figures is “Queen Mary’s Book of Hours” which belonged to Mary Tudor and is thought to have been given by Mary, Queen of Scots, to her chaplain on the scaffold. The manuscript Le Livre de Seyntz Medicines was written in 1354 by Henry, Duke of Lancaster. To these were added the archives of the English Province of the Society of Jesus. These included 16th-century manuscript verses by St Robert Southwell, the letters of St Edmund Campion (1540–81) and holographs of the 19th-century poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. There is also a first folio of Shakespeare.